Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WIFI does not work: internal error 00000001


i have been using my psp wifi for a while now and suddenly when i tried to use the wifi (scanning for access points) it said 'internal error 00000001' i tried to change some settings but it was always the same (unless it said the wlan is not turned on) i really like using the wifi on psp especially when i need to use msn and there is no computer.

  1. I can't believe people still don't know:
    error 0000001 = No access point in range.
    It states it clearly on the PSP web site, and in their forums.
    Or you could read the updated manual !
  2. go to internet browser enter a website you want to go on and then scan for wireless connections and save 1 and just select it to connect to the web. Dont do it through infrastructure mode under internet settings
  3. this is a common problem after updating to 3.7x firmware.

    Just wait until sony updates the firmware again to fix the problem...

    this error will report when there is no access point detected when scanning for new access points.

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